Alleweder A4 Velomobile Do-it-Yourself Building Kit


Most of our (see the picture above) velomobiles are available as "Do-It-Yourself" Building Kits, but as it can be a really expensive "nightmare" to ship a full size Fibreglass or Aramide body around the globe, we fully focus on our aluminium Alleweder A4 velomobile in our webshop. If you prefer to go for a full size Fibreglass or Aramide body Alleweder A6, A7 or even A9 (Sunrider) Buiding Kit, please contact us by email to sort out shipping options (if any).


Build your own Alligt Alleweder A4 Velomobile !!!


If you have two right hands and let's say 1000-2500 hours for reinventing the wheel, you can build your own velomobile, we did actually and over the years we improved our techniques, invested many euro's in a CNC mill workshop and again invested many hours into milling alluminum frame parts, designing a fabulous velomobile, even you can build in about 70 hours, with only one right hand and some patience.


The A4 velomobile is made of pre-cut and pre-drilled 0.6 mm aluminium plates and many CNC milled aluminium frame parts. The CNC milled frame parts have been optimized for strength and lightweight in 8 mm aluminum.


Visit "about us" you can watch a short film that was made in 2009 to celebrate our 250th Alleweder Velomobile, is not a manual, but gives you an impression of the building proces.


The kit comes with digital building instructions (.pdf) and a printed manual with last updates and lots of drawings etc.


The completed A4 only weighs about 31-35 kg, has a beautiful aerodinamic shape and a solid build, with included safety rollbar and headrest. Even when it is cold and slippery, this bike can be driven well. 


The building kit contains all you need, not only all the aluminium parts, but also all the bolts, 2000 rivets, suspension, the complete drivetrain, the wheels, tires, mirrors, headrest, seat, etc. and will be shipped in three boxes, through Postal or Parcel services, depending on destination ... Worldwide !


Since 2003 we have shipped about 250 A4's Velomobile Building Kits around the Globe, making the A4 one of the about most popular velomobiles worldwide !


Some Specs


LWH 259 x 81 x 85 cm.
Wheelbase 130 cm.
Turning circle 8.3 m. (wall to wall 9.0 m.)
Weight 31 -35 kg. (depending on tires/gears/etc.....)
Wheels 3x ERTRO 406 (20")
Brakes front wheels
  • 70 mm Sturmey Archer Drum Brakes on both front wheels, operated with a single handle.
  • 90 mm  brakes are an option at only €30 extra for use in mountainous areas, but also adds 0.6 kg to the bike !!!
Brakes rear wheel V-Brake (optional, might be required by law in some countries, advisable in mountainous areas).
  • SRAM 3x8 - 3 speed hub / 8 speed cassette (hub can be shifted when standing still)
  • Shimano Alfine 11-speed hub
  • Rohloff 14-speed hub
Front light Uses four very efficient white LED's. Thanks to clever electronics it runs 72 hours (400 in blinking mode) on just 4 AA penlights. With blinking mode for visibility. Gives sufficient light for an occasional ride in the dark. If you ride in the dark a lot we advise a more powerful alternative.
Back light Battery operated long duration LED tail light with red reflector.
Misc. A powerful bell (you will need it !!!).
Body sizes Maximum height is 195 cm and the maximum weight is 95 kg. Very broad shoulders restrict the maximum lenght as that means that the seat can not be put in the backmost positions. (the cockpit opening gets narrower towards the back. When foreseen during the building process, it is possible to make the opening a bit wider, so the seat can be moved back a bit further without the shoulders getting in the way.) 


Order process


If you would like to order a building kit, first decide which gears you prefer, SRAM DualDrive 3x8 hub/cassette, Shimano Alfine 11 speed hub or even the famous Rohloff 14 speed hub.


If you cycle in a mountainous area, you might prefer the upgrade to 90 mm brakes (instead of the standard 70 mm) at only € 30, but be aware of the fact that this adds about 0.6 kg. to the bike !


As about no kit is identical, we normally have no kits in stock, kits are made to order, some parts may need to be CNC milled, so after receiving your order we normally need 4-6 weeks before shipping your kit. 


Still we somehow manage to ship about 25-30 kits anually, besides building all our other velomobiles like the A6, A7, A8, A9 and Sunrider


The prices at our webshop include 21% VAT / TAX, if you live outside the EU this tax is substracted.


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